Hi All,

I’m trying to deploy multiple configurations like log forwarding and certs with terraform, my gravity version is 5.5, following the installation steps of gravity plugin for terraform, I only get tele and tsh downloaded, not the actual plugin for terraform.

I builded the plugin and got a mismatch on the version.

Error: Failed to instantiate provider "gravity" to obtain schema: Incompatible API version with plugin. Plugin version: 4, Client versions: [5]

so I switched the tag of the git repository to 5.5.28

did other build and I do get the after running the make a file called build/5.5.28/terraform-provider-gravity

After replacing the plugin I get the same message with a version mismatch.

any ideas on how to get the proper version of the terraform plugin?

I’m running terraform from a Mac

Thanks in advance,