OpenEBS (storage-app)

I am preparing to deploy a new application, and need a solution for in cluster (easy to implement) persistent storage. I have identified and would like to deploy OpenEBS. I have noticed that there is a gravitational repo called storage-app that is described as a System Application that provides OpenEBS storage for clusters. Would anyone be able to give me any info on this or a nudge in the right direction…

Thanks for any help you can provide…

(P.S. if there is a better in cluster persistent storage solution that is easy and proven, that would also be of interest)

Hello @54321dev!

Yes, storage-app repository contains a Gravity system application that will provide persistent storage using OpenEBS in Gravity clusters. It will be integrated in the platform starting from Gravity release 7.0 (which isn’t out yet), the work is still going on this one.

In the meanwhile, feel free to deploy OpenEBS yourself, just keep in mind that you will need to enable privileged containers (which are by default disabled) in order for OpenEBS Node Device Manager to work properly. See Running Privileged Containers for details.

Hope this helps,